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setting up AirLink101 wireless router

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ronni Oren

2005-11-28 18:34:05

setting up AirLink101 wireless router

I have tried desperately configuring my new AirLink101 wireless router to operate in my system. But, I have problems with it.
My operating system on my desktop computer is Windows XP. I'm using ZoneAlarm firewall and AVG antivirus. I enabled all AVG files to be approved by the firewall.
My desktop computer is connected via LAN to the router. I can surf o.k. but I cannot access my mail server. access is denied.
On my LapTop computer I manage to surf but, I cannot connect to the VPN of my work place.
When I'm connected directly to the modem all works well.
I wanted to disable the routers firewall but i don't think I managed to do that.

I'll appreciate any suggestion,


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