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Object not found

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh

2006-01-05 15:28:38

Object not found


Would it be possible to change the software so that when a track is deleted from a rotation or playlist the system goes on to the next track.

Last night our radio station went down a little past midnight because we had removed a track from a directory but failed to delte it from rotation ...as a result the system went down .. we received an error "Object Not Found" and the system then stopped.

We are using version 3.8.5 I believe but plan to upgrade right away.

SIncerely, Joe Josh

www.lift985.com WZFI-FM

Wolfgang Loch

2006-01-05 16:10:07

Re: Object not found

Simply turn on the option "Ignore All Errors" in the general settings dialog.

Joe Josh

2006-01-05 19:28:55

Re: Object not found


I really appreciate it and so do our listeners!

Sincerely, Joe

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