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Internet Broadcasting

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Carl Greenham

2006-01-09 12:42:23

Internet Broadcasting

Okay - im sure this subject has been written about before. However, I really would like some one to explain it to me so i understand it! I dont do technical jargon - sorry!

I have raduga radio edition. I use it in a school where i have set up a school radio station. We currently play to hard wired speakers around the buildings using a zonal amplifer. But i now want to take the broadcast to the next level.

I want to broadcast on to the schools internal intranet. I want children to log in to a webpage to hear the stations broadcasts at particular times of the day.

I dont know much about programming or webpages but I do have dreamweaver which i modify the radio stations website with.

I have looked at ice and shoutcast but am getting confussed. Can anyone explain it in real simple terms how i can achieve my goal using raduga.

Background info if required:
The station currently broadcasts from one pc which contains wma mp3's & wav's music files.
Currently the computer is wired into a basic mixer so the children can then speak over songs etc...

I really hope someone can help as the children i work with would really benefit from this development.


2006-01-11 00:48:19

Re: Internet Broadcasting

Hi, Carl Greenham
In a few quick and easy steps.

1. go to http://www.spacialaudio.com/ and pourchase one copy of Simplecast,
2. With this program, you'll grab the sound directly from the computer's soundcard,
3. Go to www.shoutcast.com and download Shoutcast server, then install it and setup Simplecast to send the data to ShoutCast using an appropriate encoder. You can choose from the following formats: MP3/MP3Pro, WAVE and OGG. For your intranet network, I'd recommend you to use 128 KBPS MP3 format.
And one more thing... read an appropriate documentation provided by Spacialaudio for their program, simplecast.
There are another way to accomplish this task, free way, using Winamp and one special plugin and Shoutcast, but... it's clear and more professional to use Simplecast with Shoutcast in combination. Decision is yours.

Good luck and happy broadcasting!
For all the people from this message board: happy new year and all the best!

Greetings from Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, Sofia City.


2006-01-13 11:16:22

Re: Internet Broadcasting

djgeorgie .... Your a star!!!! Cheers buddy - thanx to you i am now broadcasting over the school intranet...

Haven't been able to live to the internet just yet as there is problems with my ip address etc.. but rest assured that the children of my school can now recieve there own radio station during their boring lessons!!! Cheers again.

Ken Westerman

2006-02-04 11:39:13

Re: Internet Broadcasting

Carl Greenham

Hello Ken Westerman from Three Rivers FM Dunedoo NSW Australia....Carl next week we shal have ADSL connected to studio... We will be using windows media encoder and window media player both free on the internet and have tried them out you need 128 kbs uplink and it appears to be 49m per hour... We have tried it here testing just for point to point and is perfect. It appears there can be multi connections we have not tried that yet... All we want to do is studio in school 25 miles away and internet stream to go out on transmitter ...

The encoder and the player are really simple to use ... Ken

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