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lance maurice

2006-01-25 05:33:15


i hav tested your program and its very very good in every way.....except of course in video playback..i run a niteclub i am the dj...and raduga is perfect for this..i have also found that winamp...maybe a competitor of yours...can play one video after another in one screen....so just maybe you could have a look at the way winamp plays videos and come up with a solution to the video playback problem...as has been previously pointed out here in this forum....it seems to be the only thing that radgua doesnt do.....i have also found that you can play an mp3 after a video then play a video following the mp3 with no problems...thank you for the program btw....its brilliant....waiting to see v4 to see if you come up with a solution to the video problem

Bill Spry

2006-01-25 16:18:11

Re: videoplayback

We are working on this now.

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