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Re: Too small an MP3

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Westerman

2006-02-04 12:06:59

Re: Too small an MP3

I have been using as small a file containing a 30hz hum very low in volume I use it to close the line in after a live so that I can do another live as two successive lives leave the line in closed..This I do really after news which is set up for tyhe week and a cross might only be on various days and different lenghts.

What I want to say is I got the file down nearly to nothing we have 3.7 something a legal one. I got an error message saying I was pirating and that Microsoft would look into the problem but would not dob me in. We are legal ... Ken Westerman three riverss FM Dunedoo a lebal yu op e the

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