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Problem with position slider

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Bo Oskarsson

2006-02-10 16:52:14

Problem with position slider

Yesterday I had to reinstall Raduga 3.6 after a reinstallation of Windows XP.

I've read about "How should I encode MP3 files for best result?", and there I find the same problem that I've got. Sound appears when moving the position slider.

Some tunes have no sound.

Our music is encoded from 128-320kB at a constant bitrate. Raduga played all music before but not anymore.

Are there any way to get this to work again. How come that everything worked before? I'm very confused.
I've searched the forum for answer, but I haven't found an answer. Hope that someone has the solution.

greetings from Sweden

Bill Spry

2006-02-10 19:10:04

Re: Problem with position slider

It seems that files encoded at 320kb with the Lame encoder are not friendly with Raduga. However, mp3's encoded with the Blade or Franhofer encoder at 320kb do work with Raduga.

Bo Oskarsson

2006-02-11 00:36:45

Re: Problem with position slider

I've ripped about 23000 tunes totally with Lame encoder. At the beginning I ripped almost 5000 tunes at 320kbit. Today I just rip at 192kbit.
Everything has worked just fine before. Raduga has played all music (all 320kbit included).

Anyone else out there that has been able to play Lame encoded music at the highest rate?
I don't really know what do do right now.

Are there any programs that can identify music coded at 320kbit and then convert them?

I wish I remembered if I did something unusual after installing Raduga last time that made it possible to play every tune correctly.

There's another thing. Overlap did never work before. I tried everything to make it work. After reinstalling XP and Raduga the overlapping works.

If moving the position-slide is the solution, what is it that makes that possible? Could Raduga get fixed so that it indicated the slide to be moved to the beginning when playing a new tune?

I don't know anything about programming as you can see from my question.

Bill Spry

2006-02-11 02:55:40

Re: Problem with position slider

Go to Options>DirectX Plugins>Output Device and make sure it is set to Default Directsound Device.

Bo Oskarsson

2006-02-11 15:18:46

Re: Problem with position slider

I installed a massive codecpack named The K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.38

Raduga plays all Lame-encoded mp3's again even those from 256kbit and above.

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