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Schedule events every half hour

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Paul Aquino

2006-03-06 02:33:43

Schedule events every half hour


We schedule to weather to fire every 1/2 hour, we are trying to minimize the size of the scheduler.

Is there a way in 3.1 to schedule every half hour?



Chuck Conrad

2006-03-08 05:26:06

Re: Schedule events every half hour

Just schedule it twice to run every hour every day. One scheduled play would be at :00, the other at :30. That's just two entries.

Paul Aquino

2006-03-08 15:01:04

Re: Schedule events every half hour

Now what if I want to have it stop at 6AM (when an operator is there and they do it live).

so start every half hour from 4pm until 6am. is this possible.

Chuck Conrad

2006-03-14 01:58:01

Re: Schedule events every half hour

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you need a newer version of Raduga to make an event play (or not play) only on certain hours, unless you are willing to make up to 24 separate entries for the event. I'm not sure what was in 3.1.

The ability to quickly and easily schedule an event for individual hours is one of the features of the latest version of Raduga. There is a simple display for each event with 24 check mark boxes, one for each hour. Just check the ones you want. If you don't want something to play at 6:00 AM, you just don't check that box.

It's a feature I found worth paying for.

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