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Pause track and resume?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Martin Luft

2006-03-14 21:00:42

Pause track and resume?

I rebroadcast a 45-48 minute talkshow on my local cable access channel. I have about 20 shows in a loop and want to schedule breaks to acknowledge the sponsors. I have done this with the events feature but I have not figured out how to resume the interrupted track. At present,the program starts to play the next track. Any suggestions would help a NEWBI.


Jeffrey Pascoe

2010-04-15 22:38:56

Re: Pause track and resume?

I have roughly the same question. We want to play 2-3 hour programs but have the station ID always come on at the top of the hour. After that we want the program to resume from where it paused. Possible?

Jack Thomas WCTP

2010-09-12 18:56:44

Re: Pause track and resume?

You might go into your file from the program and make edited parts (files) of the program. IE:
xxx (program name) Part 1, xxx Part 2, etc. Figure the end of each part (time) to get you to where you want to break for the id, sponcers, etc. We have to do this at xmas time when we have 60 and/or 90 minute programs. ALWAYS SAVE THE ORIGINAL FILE, don't over write it, in case you have to go back to it.

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