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Automatic Startup and Shutdown

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jarrod Browne

2006-03-15 03:48:25

Automatic Startup and Shutdown

I work for a company that broadcasts over the internet and was hoping to find out if there is a way that i can make raduga automatically startup and play at 8am every morning and then shutdown at midnight at the end of the days programing? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jarrod Browne


2006-03-15 20:32:38

Re: Automatic Startup and Shutdown

Hi Jarrod,
To start/stop raduga at a particular time just do this:
In scheduler type as an event .play or .stop
Note: The event for .play or .stop must be a 'run immediately' command or it'll not work
Hope this will help you further

Jarrod Browne

2006-03-16 01:43:49

Re: Automatic Startup and Shutdown

Thanks rudy i will try that. I will let you know if i have any further troubles.

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