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Dead Air

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Rick Wood

2006-03-18 14:38:33

Dead Air

Hi all... I'm new to Raduga and impressed with how versatile the program is.
My problem is more to do with human error but there may be a work-around with Raduga's scheduling. DJs at the radio station create their own play lists and then schedule them into Raduga. However, if a DJ forgets to put a random play list at the end of their program, we have dead air after their program has run. The random play list is just there to keep the music happening until the next scheduled program is run.

Any thoughts on how to overcome this problem?


Paul Fleur

2006-03-18 20:00:20

Re: Dead Air

Je moet hem zetten op "herhalen" ( Dutch Version) dan komt het goed.

Noel Roberts

2006-03-18 20:13:22

Re: Dead Air

Yes, select Repeat instead of Normal. (Look down at the bottom left of the screen).

Chuck Conrad

2006-03-21 01:01:21

Re: Dead Air

If you know what time the DJ is scheduled to stop, you could schedule a new play list to take over at that time. Just enter the play list's file name into your event scheduler. Right on cue, Raduga will start the new list at the end of whatever song is running at your scheduled time.

By the way, you might like "Shuffle" better than random play. In "shuffle," when Raduga gets to the end of the list, it shuffles all the songs, and keeps playing the new list it has generated. It can do that forever, or until the power and/or hard drive goes out.

Rick Wood

2006-03-27 13:12:06

Re: Dead Air

Thanks for the feedback guys.. I tried the random and shuffle but that also mixes up the DJs program. It doesn't really work when you have the DJs recorded voice with intro's, outro's and what song is up next or has just been played.

It might be eaiser to re-enforce with the DJs how important is is to have that random playlist at the end of their program.

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