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Upgrade of raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh

2006-03-23 21:23:55

Upgrade of raduga

HI Wolfgang,

I wrote to Bill Spry concerning Raduga upgrade from 3.8.5 ot the latest but want to make sure I understand what needs to be done that is 100% correct.

We downloading to our on-air system so we have to be careful. We have many programs scheduled throughout the week, so we're hoping this upgrade will go smoothly.

Here's what we plan to do. First we're going to go to the site that Bill directed us to. We're going to close our current raduga system but not delete it.

Next we're going to download the upgrade over the current system (we hope it will not overwrite all our rotations, scheduled programs, minplaylists, etc.

We're going to run the newly downloaded program and key in the new license code given to us.

One thing I should mention is that we have raduga on two systems currently. We just want to put the upgrade on the on-air system. HOw will I know if this license has been authorized for that machine or the other machine? Or does it matter?

I believe everything will stay in tact, but I'm writing to you to see if I missed anything. Are there any additional steps? Or do you have any other recommendations whatsoever?

Your system has been a real blessing to our radio station.
Sincerely, Joe

Rick Wood

2006-03-27 13:28:36

Re: Upgrade of raduga

Hi Joe.. The most important thing I've learnt about computers is that Murphy's law has been built into every operating system (anything that can go wrong, does go wrong).. Only joking.

Before I do any upgrade I take an image of the hard drive using "ghost" or similar program. That way if it all goes pair-shaped you can reload the captured image and be back at square one.

Its got me out of trouble a couple of times.

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