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Only schedule and play for a weekend.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2006-04-14 10:27:40

Only schedule and play for a weekend.

I have made a playlist for the weekend only, and scheduled rotation playlists and jingles for it. The first playlist starts on friday 18.00 (in the evening).
The rotationplaylist I have set to play only on fr/sa/su at a specific time, and the jingles play every hour on these days.

I want to power on my PC with Raduga in the morning on Friday, so it will start playing automaticly at 18.00u in the evening.
Problem is that the scheduled jingles are set to play every hour.

How do I tell Raduga to start these jingles not before Friday evening?
Because now it starts to play jingles every hour before the official playlist starts.

Wolfgang Loch

2006-04-14 15:42:15

Re: Only schedule and play for a weekend.

Uncheck the "run immediately" option for the jingle events. Then they won't play while Raduga is stopped. Only the the 18:00 playlist file should be scheduled with "run immediately" enabled. This will wake up Raduga at the specified time.


2006-04-14 16:03:35

Re: Only schedule and play for a weekend.

Aha. So as long as there is no activity from playlists, the jingles won't play?
I saw them highlighted in the "upcoming events" window, so I was confused.

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