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Mpeg 4 AAC - iTunes files

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jarrod Browne

2006-04-26 03:08:04

Mpeg 4 AAC - iTunes files

If i was to puchase music from iTunes(Mpeg-4 AAC) is this format able to be read and played by raduga?

Bill Spry

2006-04-26 23:21:48

Re: Mpeg 4 AAC - iTunes files

No, not to my knowledge. However, you could convert them to the appropriate format.

Please check http://www.raduga.net/60s.htm
and http://www.raduga.net/70s.htm

If you are looking for music libraries to purchase. They are now available at Raduga.net. We hope to have 80's and 90's available by year's end.

Licensed stations can now purchase Transmission and EAS gear from Raduga.net as well.

Bill Spry

2006-05-12 21:26:59

Re: Mpeg 4 AAC - iTunes files

There is now available a Windows Media Player AAC plugin which will also allow Raduga to play AAC formated files.

Download here:


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