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registration code not received

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2006-05-12 07:48:57

registration code not received

I have purchased a basic version of Raduga from wolosoft USA. The online purchase order ref# 57720675. Date of purchase was the 4th may. Cost was $99.00US (NZ$158.00 approx).

I have not received the download link / registrtion code for this product and have emailed wolosoft on numberous occasions with little or zero effort to assist me (I even rang wolosoft from New Zealand and left a message).

I have made contact with your Australian Franchise who was very helpful at which time he assisted me, emailed me, phoned me to sort my problem.

Wolosoft is obviously trying to market this raduga product internationally.....and quite honestly, you dont have clue about genuine customer service or basic communication skills.

Not receiving this 'download link' has costed me time, money and major stress levels (we required this to open a Cafe bar in NZ this week).

From this point on, I will be purchasing the remainder of the 17 - 23 raduga editions from Australia......and at least i still expect someone there to email a reply with where my friggin reg code is!

Director Creative Studios ltd NZ

Bill Spry

2006-05-12 21:22:05

Re: registration code not received

Wolfgang Loch is on Holiday which is probably why he did not respond.

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