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Total Recorder Software

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-02-23 03:27:04

Total Recorder Software

Just a note of interest. I had a situation which drove me crazy until I finally found it. "Total Recorder" software when installed, seems to have some problems coexisting with Raduga. The problem took the form of...whenever the mouse cursor was moved over the minimize, restore and close buttons in the upper right hand corner of the Raduga screen, Raduga audio would cut out for short durations. The ultimate solution is to uninstal TOTAL RECORDER. There are some options in Total Recorder that you can fuss with to sort of get this occurence to stop. However, this still doesn't fix the problem entirely. It seems even though Total Recorder isn't running, audio is still going through it. Total Recorder tech support offered a suggestion as to options to fix this. Using their suggested options, it did partially fix the problem. However, under certain conditions, the problem can still come back. This is really sad, as I do like Total Recorder. However, in my experience, Total Recorder seems to be more trouble than it is worth, IF it is installed on the same machine as Raduga. Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, what are your comments and suggestions?


2002-02-23 05:36:26

Re: Total Recorder Software

Hi, i have exactly the same problems, the sound skipping when i minimized or restaured Raduga windows.

I fix the problem with this settings :

* in my souncard settings i choose :
- Playback with my soundcard (not through Total Recorder)
- Record trough Total Recorder

* in total recorder configuration / system :
- Playback with my default soundcard
- Record with my default sound card

Use Total recorder driver (recommended)

* in total recorder / recording source and parameters :
- i use sound board / use this line of record / and i choose "What your hear"

All works great now never skipping since a lot of times :-))

(i encoded in mp3 with lame encoder at 32kbps)

I hope my answer could help you.

Bill Spry

2002-02-23 09:41:11

Re: Total Recorder Software

Just a note...

Certainly not a plug for Cool Edit 2000, however, Cool Edit 2000 also has a recording scheduler (like Total Recorder). Cool Edit 2000 is a very good program that could be a viable option for you.


2002-02-23 12:12:32

Re: Total Recorder Software


You are most certainly correct about Cool Edit 2000. It is a very powerful and versatile program. Amazingly cheap for all it does. I am using it. However, there were a couple of minor applications I was using Total Recorder for. Total recorder was a bit more convenient to use. Now I stick ENTIRELY with Cool Edit 2000. It causes me none of the grief that Total Recorder has caused me.


2002-02-24 03:09:01

Re: Total Recorder Software

I'm afraid Total recorder has nothing to do with your problem. I am only using a demo verion of raduga at the moment, but I have never noticed what you are witnessing, tho I have Total recorder on my machine. Total recorder is such a good piece of software (records with pre-buffer directly into MP3 up to 48 Khz any source), it's a shame to uninstall it. (and it's free !)


Randy Henry

2002-03-11 20:07:22

Re: Total Recorder Software

On about a dozen Raduga/TotalRecorder computers, we have no troubles. (Win2k). But we never minimize Raduga. On some installations, after recording fine for days, TotalRecorder would not read the schedule and make the recordings.

TotalRecorder support had us check for some file to be in the system tray, and it wasn't. Once you put that in, the problem stops forever. TR is $13.00. So Oliver is wrong about it being free. But that's about as close to free as you'll get.


2002-03-20 21:00:41

Re: Total Recorder Software

The Standard Edition is free, though.

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