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RAID>> for Bill Spry or Wolfgang

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh

2006-05-29 14:29:28

RAID>> for Bill Spry or Wolfgang


We're planning on putting our music on a RAID system (two drives-all information is automatically backed up to the second drive) utilizing a 300 gig hard drive.

My question is this. "If we use a RAID system will it slow down the system and affect sound quality?"

I really need to hear from Bill Spry or Wolfgang as to whether this will work

Sincerely, Joe

Bill Spry

2006-05-31 02:46:50

Re: RAID>> for Bill Spry or Wolfgang

It should not affect Raduga whatsoever.

Bob Kiser

2006-06-18 20:24:17


We just installed a mirrored RAID systems using two 350 Gig Hard Drives. Performance accessing the music seems to have improved, not slowed down with the new system.

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