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Lisencing code number for 3.8.7

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Anthony James Kelly

2006-05-30 00:43:51

Lisencing code number for 3.8.7

First of all, RADUGA is the major workforce in the low power radio industry. I work with it for a couple of week and it worked flautlessly.

Now I have messed up! I had a computer firm work on my audio card and when I got it back, he told me that he had to clean my hard drives because of virus.

Everything was put on disk. When I got around to put together back together I thought, oh know, I spent all that money on Raduga. Now, I tried all day today to get Raduga to run continously and I have the lisencing code in, it said that Raduga is already in use. This is the machine that had Raduga on it.

I dumped all Raduga demos from my hard drive but it still says it.

I sure hope this a easy solution. I don't have the money to purchase another key.

Can you help me.

Bill Spry

2006-05-31 02:45:59

Re: Lisencing code number for 3.8.7

Anthony -

Please contact directly, the distributor with whom you made your purchase and he can reset your license key to be reused, at no charge.

Anthony James Kelly

2006-06-01 06:49:49

Re: Lisencing code number for 3.8.7

Thanks a whole lot. It'll be a couple of days because I had to do it through my friend Richard Shoemaker and I he [probably] has his name and/or number. Now, I have the code. I didn't want to put it own on the e-mail without Raduga's premission.


2006-06-09 18:51:55

Re: Lisencing code number for 3.8.7


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