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ROTATIONS (Raduga 3.5)

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Bob Kiser

2006-06-18 20:37:03

ROTATIONS (Raduga 3.5)

We do very basic music scheduling. Music filed by decade. I would like to save artists as a rotation within a decade, which is also a rotation. Then play all those artists in a Rotation named for that decade. I have successfully done this before, but get an error message now aaying that format is not supported.

In summary to clarify. Each artist would be saved as a Rotation. Then ganged together by decade under another another Rotation called for example, 90s Music.

Is this possible? Or is there another way to accomplish this.

Another thing that would be helpful: When previewing what is to play next, if a Rotation is scheduled, only the Rotation Name is displayed. It would be helpful if the actual file scheduled to play could be displayed too.


Bob Kiser
Community Television
Millingotn, Tennessee

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