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Multi-Language Support

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Michael Rosen

2002-02-24 04:32:05

Multi-Language Support

Reading about the new Raduga 3.5
"Standard Features" Multi-Language Support (Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish). I just downloaded the demo but it's only in english ?! Before i decide to buy the pofesional edition or not, i would like to try it, in swedish. Is there a demo in swedish?

Best regards
Michael Rosen
Program director
Radio City

Wolfgang Loch

2002-02-24 10:11:49

Re: Multi-Language Support

You can install language packs in order to switch the language of the Raduga user interface. Currently the following language packs are available: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. You can download them from the Raduga download page. Dutch and Greek language packs will follow soon (I hope).

Unfortunately the Swedish translator did not update his translation for Raduga 3.5. This is an error in the documentation. Where did you see this?

In general I give a free Raduga license to people who translate it to their native language. So, you can get Raduga for free if you want to update the Swedish translation. (It's really easy)

Michael Rosen

2002-02-25 02:19:46

Re: Multi-Language Support

I found the documentation error under
"Standard Features" Multi-Language Support at

Well as program director my days are slow so
i can give it a try, to translate Raduga 3.5
into swedish. I've been trying the 3.1 version in swedish and if i can get the full
version of 3.5 just by translate it :-)

You are welcome to send me an e-mail and i
will start working on it right now.

Best regards
Michael Rosen

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