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Schedule Tracks don't Work

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2006-07-10 20:52:17

Schedule Tracks don't Work

I downloaded the trial 3.8.7 and I'm still having the same problem with schedule Items. I have 3 commercials schedule to play every hour at :01:00, :01:05,:01:10 and my live input at :01:15. For some reason it plays the first one but will not play the other tracks in queue. only the first one is set to play immediatly while the other 3 are set to play afer each one is finished.

the problem I have is that once the first track from the schedule play it doesn't play the next track. that track will stay in queue.

Bill Spry

2006-07-11 02:43:21

Re: Schedule Tracks don't Work

So you want Raduga to play a spot at:


and then a live event at


How long is the live event?

Is Raduga stopped (not playing anything) when these events are not firing?

If "Run Immediately" is not selected on each event, Raduga will not fire ANYTHING if Raduga is not playing anything.

However, if Raduga is playing something when the events are due to fire, then they should fire fine.

I hope I am explaining this clearly. If Raduga is stopped, it will not start itself up to fire scheduled events unless "Run Imediately" is selected.

However, if Raduga IS playing something, it will fire all scheduled events as you have them programmed.

The difference between "Run Immediately" and not is that "Run Immediately" will interrupt a song in order to fire the scheduled event "On Time" (precisely at the second you have it scheduled). If "Run Immediately" is not checked, then Raduga will wait to fire the event until the currently playing song finishes.

-Bill Spry
Global Raduga Distribution


2006-07-11 02:54:09

Re: Schedule Tracks don't Work

thanks for replying. my commercials length vary so I want them to play in queue. I set the first commercial to play imediatley so that will start the sequence, but I want the second to start playing after the first and so on. I'm only using raduda to play commercials so I don't have a playlist thats playing while before the commercials should play. my live feed is 3600.live. are you saying I must have something in the master play list for the schedule to kick in fully?

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