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Chuck Conrad

2006-07-17 19:21:55

Wish List

Would it be possible to tag music files that appear in Raduga's Explorer window, telling the user if the file is currently being used in a play list or rotation? For instance, could you make the file's name a different color, indicating the file is "in play," as opposed to files that are not currently selected for air play?

This would help a great deal when it comes to rotating music in and out of various play lists. Right now it is a bit difficult figuring out if a song is already being used or not.

As the user gets more sophisticated with play list and rotation building, this becomes more of an issue. If you only have one basic play list, it isn't so difficult to figure out if you are playing a particular song in your music library. On the other hand, if you have multiple play lists for different days or times of day, and lots of rotations within those play lists, it gets much more complicated figuring out if you are already playing a song or not. As your music library expands, it becomes even more difficult keeping track of which songs are in play, and which are currently waiting to be rotated in and out.

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