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Events list file

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ian Batty

2006-09-11 10:02:46

Events list file

Hi, folks

I want to create an events list, and save it onto our archival system so's I can reload events if the main computer running Raduga fails.

What file stores events, and where can I find it?

Best regards,

Bill Spry

2006-09-11 12:29:47

Re: Events list file

In your "Events" list click the "SAVE" button and the filename will default to "EVENTS.INI". However, you can change to the name to any that you like.


2006-09-12 05:42:12


Hi Mr Spry,

I want to relay another radio station at 12h in midnight. I get satellite installation for that station. I try times to times to get it at time by my sound card input, I can't. How can you help me please to do it surely?

Thanks again for your help.

The only licensed of Raduga for Haiti.

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