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Reverting to selected item

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ian Batty

2006-09-22 23:44:13

Reverting to selected item

We want to be able to start a recorded program, then drop in a station spinner, then pick up the recorded program from the point where it was interrupted by the spinner.
Example: program starts at 08:04:00, and will end at 08:59:59. The program plays, and at 08:30:00, the station spinner plays for 10 seconds, bringing the time to 08:30:10. At the moment the spinner came in, the recorded program had played 26:00 minutes of its total. At 08:30:11, the recorded program picks up at its 26:00 minute mark and plays until it is finished at 08:59:59.

... can we do it?

Best regards,

Bill Spry

2006-09-23 01:49:31

Re: Reverting to selected item

No. You will have to cut the 60 minute program into 2 30 minute segments in order for your 'spinner' to play.

Ian Batty

2006-09-23 14:51:46

Re: Reverting to selected item

Thanks for the info, Bill. I understand the issue with trying to cut from a recorded program to a spinnner, and then back again.

Let me try something else.

It appears that Raduga interfaces to the audio card in the same way that Windows Volume Control does - with the ability that Volume Control has to mute or unmute any input. I also assume that Raduga's ability to crossfade is done by posting commands to Volume Control.

Am I right so far?

Now, if I open Volume Control, I can start playing an audio file and adjust its volume via the "Wave" slider/mute button. I can also take the live feed's Line Input and adjust its volume via the "Line Input" slider/mute button.

So now, I can crossfade or mute/unmute between a live feed (the Line In) and a WAV (or MP3) file using Volume Control. This lets me take a live feed when it starts, then - at some later time - start playing a WAV/MP3 station spinner, crossfade from the live feed to the WAV/MP3, then crossfade from the WAV/MP3 as it ends and go back to the live feed.

Of course, I lose a bit of the live feed in doing this, but it does allow me to pop in brief spinners or IDs as I choose.

Is this possible with Raduga?

Best regards,


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