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new edition

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2006-11-16 17:17:47

new edition

To Mr Wolfgang,

Draw a new edition of Raduga 3.8 ?
If you give me the right to propose a important innovation. Na make separate fade out for the songs and diference for commericials....(what does not become, does not make, the edition 3.8)
Thank you

Bill Spry

2006-11-16 21:53:49

Re: new edition

You can already do custom overlaps on ANY file including spots, music, etc.

Such as:

Beatles - Let It Be~2.25.mp3

The "~2.25" tells Raduga that when that song only has 2.25 seconds left then kick in the next song (or file). This setting will over-ride the Global Overlap setting.


2006-11-18 13:20:21

Re: new edition

ok,thanks Bill.
Says , something for the RDS.
It can collaborate the Raduga with RDS for information of songs,commercials etc.

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