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2007-02-16 09:11:27

Link Voice To Songs

I don't like the idea of non-stop music overnight on the station and would much prefer to have the 'feel' of Live. To combat this problem, I have taken our entire music library and generated many rotations by artist names. For example, ALL U2 Songs on one rotation. Now I am wondering if this is possible. I have got our presenters to record a series of MP3 Voicelinks introducing each of the artists to insert between each song rotation. So ON AIR we will hear Voicelink followed by appropriate song from the artist rotations. Now I know I could set up a playlist of VOICELINK followed by ROTATION etc etc and then schedule Jingles etc in Events to interject as required. Can I associate the VOICELINK to the Rotation in any way - any ideas?

Bill Spry

2007-02-16 13:08:00

Re: Link Voice To Songs

This can be accomplished by using AirList to create your playlists. AirList can include intros to songs as well as outros. You simply make a folder and store your intro/outros in it. Just make sure that they have the exact same filename as the song they are introing/outroing. Then set up AirList to intro/outro wherever you want it to occur.


2007-02-17 08:32:41

Re: Link Voice To Songs

Thanks for that Bill but it does beg another question. If the song rotation is, for example named 'U2 ROTA' would I then call the intro/outro 'U2 ROTA'. Sorry about pestering you, but yopu hav to make allowances for me, I am Irish after all. ;)

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