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Serious Events Problem - Please help.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2007-05-07 04:17:51

Serious Events Problem - Please help.


We just loaded Raduga 3.9 over the old version 3.85 utilizing the Dongle Key and are now experiencing an events kick-off problem.

We loaded the program yesterday and discovered that the events that are set to start only on Saturdays are turning themselves on today along with the radio programs that are set to air on Sundays.

I looked at the scheulde to make sure the installation didn't change dates the programs are suppose to air.

All these programs were scheduled when we intalled raduga 3.85 or it may have been 3.87
quite sometime ago.

Is there a compatibility issue going on?

Please help.

chris burtnat

2007-05-07 04:28:49

Re: Serious Events Problem - Please help.

Quote: We just loaded Raduga 3.9

You should use ther latest version (bug fix) 3.9.1
not 3.9. Hope it helps.


2007-05-07 04:37:44

BUG FIX ..? events


I wrote that our Raduga system (3.9) is airing events that are scheduled for Saturday also on Sunday.

Someone wrote to me that there is a fix 3.9.1... Where can I find this fix on the website?

Please help. thanks! Joe

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