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FA Soft Compressor (and other Pliugins)

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-03-20 21:17:50

FA Soft Compressor (and other Pliugins)

The FA-Compressor shows no audio activity at all. Why?

Everything else of the Raduga works fine. The Plugins load (and stay in the bin, unlike them dissapearing from the Add... bin in version 3.5) but they show no audio signal going through and there is no effect happeniong either.


2002-03-21 15:12:08

Re: FA Soft Compressor (and other Pliugins)

i got v1.1 and it works fine, sorry I can't help you. Problem with ALL plug-ins is that the sliders don't remember positioning.
Sounds familiar?

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