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Playout file goes missing sometimes

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Stephan Kent

2007-07-07 12:05:40

Playout file goes missing sometimes

When we are running on full automation overnight we have a playout file which is called Automation, this file has folders with rotation files in so as example, at the start of the hour it has STATION ID then CLASSIC, COUNTRY, STATION ID, and so on, now at the end of this playout folder we put a copy of the folder back in so that when raduga hits this new folder it opens and the rotation starts all over again. Works well, till recently we have discovered that RADUGA has been stopping in the middle of the night, the file that should be loaded at the bottom on the .alb Automation folder isnt there, for some reason RADUGA is not seeing it. This is not only frustraiting but makes us sound very unprofessional being off air for extended periods overnight has anyone got ideas or is having similar problems.

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