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differant music playlists

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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jack thomas wctp radio

2007-07-15 01:50:25

differant music playlists

We are a 24 hour christiam music radio station.
During 12-1 on Wednsday noon I do a 40's-50's music program and sr. citizens show.. The cd players we have like a lot of the things some rogue engineers from lansing mi sold our pastor new are like a lot of the gear, actually 5-6 years old and really giving me trouble.
Can I minimunize the (religious play list) bring up a second raduga music list with what I want to play, and after stopping the first (list) program, play from the second without messing things up?

Martin Toward

2007-07-15 21:01:37

Re: differant music playlists


Raduga operates like most software in Windows in that you can open another instance. All you would have to do is open another Raduga, click on file, then new and that would present you with a blank playlist to load tracks into. As long as you close the second Raduga down at the end of your programme everything will be okay.


Martin Toward
Grampian HR

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