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Raduga machine based licensing.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Andre Depre

2002-03-23 04:37:21

Raduga machine based licensing.

Dear Wolfgang, Bill,

I would like to make the following suggestion regarding the new Raduga machine based license policy:

Like many other users, we had some bad experiences with a machine based license policy. One of those experiences was that the software company, we bought our traffic software (invoices, etc.) from, whent out of business (bankrupt).

So we were not only forced to buy completely new software, but it also took us lots of trouble, time and money to transfer our data from their application to the new one.

I think it would be a far better (and reasuring) idea for a radiostation if, instead of this machine based policy, Raduga could display continuously the name of the licensed radiostation in big letters on the pc monitor.

I can't imagine many radiostations using a Raduga copy with the name of another (competing or not) radiostation in big letters on display in their own studios...

To finish, also this: After I used Norton System Works 2002 to repair some errors in my Windows 2000 operation system, it seems that the problem with Raduga suddenly closing (because of memory running out?) is solved. (Knock on wood.)

Best Regards,
Andre Depre,
Radio Tienen.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-03-23 05:19:38

Re: Raduga machine based licensing.

Our license policy allows you to use one instance of Raduga for broadcasting on a production system. This policy has been valid since the very first release of Raduga.

Starting with version 3.5 the license policy is enforced by tying the license key to the hardware of one computer system. That means, if you ever want to exchange the hardware, you must request a new license key. This is a free service. The new license is delivered in usually less than 24 hours.

However some users, like yourself, were afraid this could mean a long period of dead air in case of a computer crash or they just want to save their investment.

Therefore we released Raduga 3.6 just a few days ago. Now you can optionally purchase a computer-independend hardware key (dongle) instead of a machine-tied license. In case of an emergeny, you can simply swith the dongle to a backup system - and you are back on air within a few seconds.

Registered users of Raduga 3.5 can order the dongle for $69 (or €69 + 16% VAT in Europe).

Displaying the registered name of the station on screen would be a good idea too - I will note this as a feature request for Raduga 4.

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