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Say Time Does Not Work in 3.9.1 Playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Westerman

2007-08-17 01:36:19

Say Time Does Not Work in 3.9.1 Playlist

With 3.8 Raduga we have at Radio Station Say time (A Java Script Routine)can be inserted into any playlist just like selecting a song..

I have purchased 3.9.1 to prepare playlists schedules at home and other experimental work and take and put these on the station but this ability of puting saytime in playlist is not there.

However if I use notepad and insert it in, it will work.

I use a JS routine in MPL to do switching but however the say time will not work on either 3.8 or 3.9 if I put it in a MPL would be nice if it worked, either editions act very funny.

Is there any chance of puting fixes is next round??

Wolfgang Loch

2007-08-18 00:06:20

Re: Say Time Does Not Work in 3.9.1 Playlist

Can you please tell me what exactly is the problem with the script in Raduga 3.9.1? It should work exactly like in 3.8.x.

Maybe you have enabled the option "Accept media files only"? In this case you can only drop actual audio or video files into the playlist window.

Ken Westerman

2007-08-18 16:10:53

Re: Say Time Does Not Work in 3.9.1 Playlist

Guess What Wolf ... Your correct... got in and did the adjustments and bingo she now works... However cannot launch a say time from an MPL...

With rotations they are terrific but did you see my suggestions ...

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