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Chuck Conrad

2007-09-17 19:44:32


It would be a help if there was some sort of on-screen alert that the operator has turned off the scheduler. I'm assuming that everyone normally leaves it on.

Right now, the icon dims out when it is de-selected. That is a help, but if it changed color, and maybe flashed, it might catch your attention a bit better.

Having recently made this mistake during an early morning panic session (not caused by Raduga) I can personally attest that it is easy to switch it off and then forget you've done it.

I've done this more than once, but usually caught the problem in a few minutes. This time, I went back to bed and didn't notice it until I woke up a few hours later. As tired as I was, I don't know if I would have noticed if it was flashing red or not, but at least, I might have.

Just a thought for the next edition.

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