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Airlist Questions

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William C. Walker

2007-10-16 18:57:20

Airlist Questions

If I am running a network news feed at the top of the hour, does Airlist insert a blank segment into the audio chain while the news is running and then resume playing once the news is over?

Does Airlist know how to make an "intelligent" playlist by picking audio files that will add up to precisely 60 minutes or say, 55 minutes, assuming it stops while the top of the hour news is playing? In other words does it automatically know how to pick songs and files when creating a playlist that will equal 60 minutes exactly to the second?

What happens if there is an interruption in the software that results in a few seconds of downtime (let's say 20 seconds). Will Airlist know how to compensate and adjust the playlist to still finish precisely at the top of the hour or readjust the 60 minutes down to 59 minutes and 40 seconds in length?

Stephan Kent

2007-10-20 23:50:08

Re: Airlist Questions

As a user of Airlist - i can comment on a couple of questions you have raised.
Airlist CAN program an hour virtually to the second, however that would depend on how your hour was made up and the availabiity of a variety of lengths.

You may also be confusing AIRLIST and RADUGA AIRLIST creates a playlist file which RADUGA plays out; Unlike top end playout programs Raduga just does what its told to do, if its told to playout a playlist that is 61 minutes it will. ITs all how you set up AIRLIST in the first place.

We have been using AIRLIST purchased through SPRY which is very out of date to the one you can purchase direct from the people who wrote it. It also have limitations, when it selects songs to play its out experience that AIRLIST does ignore some tracks and NEVER selects them, also, it seems to go through stages of scheduling the same songs for a few days then doesnt select them for weeks and so on.

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