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xmas music rotation

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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jack thomas wctp radio

2007-11-04 23:58:35

xmas music rotation

We have our master playlist of 3000 religious songs as C:\Audiograbber\r music (our music). We have a second list for christmas music as C:\Audiograbber\XMAS. Is there a way that I can use the clock to play one or two xmas songs an hour mixed with the regular songs? Tried to schedule the xmas list. It went there but wouldn't go back to regular list after one (xmas) song.

Is there a way to copy the xmas list C:\Audiograbber\XMAS to the announcements files as say C:\Announcements\XMAS. Which could then be scheduled with clock. Tried to copy but would not work??

With all those songs, we'd hate to lose them to hard drive failure. Anyone have suggestions how to back them up. Does anyone use external hard drives for backup?


Chuck Conrad

2007-11-05 05:58:44

Re: xmas music rotation

Why don't you put the Christmas songs in a rotation and schedule the rotation whenever you want? I've been doing that for 5+ years and it works fine. As we get closer to Christmas, I just schedule additional rotations in the scheduler. Usually, I start with 2 per hour about Thanksgiving and work my way up to 6 per hour by Christmas Eve.

As for a backup, I purchased a 100 GB USB external drive for about $100. It seems to work fine. You just have to remember to back up to it ever so often.

jack thomas

2007-11-06 01:49:23

Re: xmas music rotation

Chuck I think I tried that without success. Is there a time when you'll be around tuesday for a call or is this something simple you can type here? Pastor Plonta and I aren't the best when it comes to computers. That's why we like this Raduga system as it's pretty simple and runs like the energizer bunny.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-11-06 22:14:22

Re: xmas music rotation

If you already have the christmas songs in a single playlist file XMAS,alb, you can simply open this file in Raduga and then save it as rotation (choose Save/As..., then select the file type "Rotation"). Now you can schedule the new XMAS.rotatation file with the event scheduler.

jack thomas

2007-11-20 03:34:31

Re: xmas music rotation

Chuck and Wolfgang.
Think I've got it and as WKRP's Johnny Fever said "Let the season of awful music begin".
I think we as radio people are exposed to it all day/night, where the lister (tho we don't want this)hears less going about their daily schedule. Happy Holidays!

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