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xmas music revisited

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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jack thomas wctp

2007-11-07 02:38:29

xmas music revisited

If you have a second music file, like xmas, when you schedule this file, what tells the system to (a) stay and continue the play the songs in this file, or (b) to play ONE song and then return to the main file??

The more we learn the more fun it is to try differant things. Like we have a church promotion for services on the 1st and 3rd saturday of the month. I do one generic announcement and schedule for :7 after the hour. Then I do a (reminder) tag that says "join us this saturday". It's scheduled for :7;10 (seven minutes and ten seconds)so the tag always follows the announcement.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-11-10 10:28:15

Re: xmas music revisited

If the file has the extension ".alb" (file type: Raduga Playlist), then Raduga will play all songs from the first to the last.

If the file has the extension ".rotation" (file type: Rotation), then Raduga will play one song and then return to the master playlist. When the same rotation is run again, Raduga will play the next track within the rotation.

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