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Remote Control Wiring Diagram

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2007-11-29 19:17:11

Remote Control Wiring Diagram


I search the wiring diagram for starting Raduga with the joystick port. (with my broadcast console)

I have look the other messages on this forum but the wirign diagram is unavailable!

So, if somebody have that, please reply :)!

Thank you.

Chuck Conrad

2007-12-20 00:30:06

Re: Remote Control Wiring Diagram

It is getting hard to find sound cards with a game port on them. I've found that an easier solution is to purchase a USB game controller and use it instead. I found one at a local store for about $10.00. It is very basic, no joystick, but all you need is the buttons. You can open it up and hardwire external buttons in place of the ones on the game controller. Just hide the cheesy looking USP controller, and nobody will be the wiser.

It seems to work fine.


2007-12-22 19:34:43

Re: Remote Control Wiring Diagram

maybe this will help you out:



2008-01-19 18:34:54

Re: Remote Control Wiring Diagram

Cor, it's not what I'm looking for. :)

I look for the raduga wiring diagram, which pin is play... and so on

which resistor should I use...

thank you !


2008-02-02 15:08:57

Re: Remote Control Wiring Diagram

Found it!

Guess this is what you're looking for?


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