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Some "french" suggestions !

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2007-12-24 18:15:29

Some "french" suggestions !

I would like to know if those things are possible to be developped for a later version :
- Separate the jingle lines-out and the main out of Raduga (for soundcards with multi out).
- When a song is loaded in the player, locking this song in the playlist (by changing its color to red?), and the next track will be the song after THIS locked track, and not the song after the selected song in the playlist... like in winamp for example, am I clear ?
- Add other audio formats (like FLAC for example), and add a fonction to access they metadata.
- Add a C++ SDK.

Also, a bug I met : when adding a jingle in the end of the playlist, it causes raduga to crash (it launches the jingle in loop).

Merry Christmas !

Wolfgang Loch

2007-12-28 22:56:51

Re: Some french suggestions

Thank you for your suggestions. May I add some comments...

1) Why do you want jingles to go to a different channel? I image this would just add more configuration hassle.
2) Having a separate marker for the upcoming song is definitely planned. I don't know how it looks in Winamp, but it will definitely not be red :)
3) You can play any audio format when you install the DirectShow filters for it. I've used .ogg and .mp4 files, for example. I'm sure there are also DirectShow filters for FLAC.
4. The Raduga SDK is basically OLE automation. It can be used with virtually all programming languages, including C++. What do you want to achieve?


2007-12-29 23:52:19

Re: Some

Thanks for your answer!

So :
1/ For example, to launch a jingle (liner) at the beginning of a song, and to put it over the song (with an hardware audio processor). So the necessity of a different channel. It would be possible to add a checkbox "Set a different channel for jingles", with a selection of them in an associated list.
Or, is it possible to give access of the volume control in the SDK ?

2/ Ok! I was not thinking especialy about a 2nd marker for the upcoming song, but just locking the current song. Because at this time, when a song is played, if we have the wrong idea of selecting another song in the playlist, your playlist order is broken... Do you see what I mean? Just a system like in any audio player.
To my opinion, I don't like automation system with a different marker for the next song. I prefer to have a playlist, and articulate it with the song that is played.

3/ Ok, I will see. Is it possible to access the metadata of these format with the SDK ?

4/ When you create a lot of functions which are executed many times per seconds, it takes too many resources of CPU.. To create an alternative window of raduga, with scripts running in background for example... This is very slow with JS or VBScript.

Those are just suggestions, things I will be happy to see on raduga.
And sorry for my bad english! :)


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