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New Problems

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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William C. Walker

2008-01-02 01:32:48

New Problems

Raduga no longer displays the Mixer from the Tools menu.

And when I go to Options/Line-In to configure for a Live line in event the only thing displaying in the Window is Master Volume and CD Audio. Nothing else.

Clearly Raduga has some compatibility issues with Vista even with the patch you sent. What can I do to correct these problems?

Wolfgang Loch

2008-01-02 21:46:00

Re: New Problems

To get the mixer working, go to Options/Mixer and enter "SndVol.exe" or select an alternate mixer program.

Options/Line-In will show all mixer lines of your primary sound card. If you have multiple sound devices, you may need to select a different device as default (in Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices).

William C. Walker

2008-01-03 17:29:27

Re: New Problems

Still not working right. Raduga will not allow me to bring up the Mixer in any way shape or form. I click on the appropriate buttons but nothing happens. I have the default mixer for the computer in the right box and I also tried what you recommended. Neither works.

Under Options/Line-In only CD Volume and Master Volume show. Everything else vanished. It's completely blank. When I took a look at it on another computer with XP it is fully functional.

Raduga seems to have some kind of conflict with Vista.

William C. Walker

2008-01-03 17:32:55

Re: New Problems

I just noted one thing about this. I can bring up the Mixer from the Icon in the bar at the bottom of Windows. However, the Audio is not showing in the Raduga line but only in the Default Device line. And when I click Mute in the Raduga line it does actually mute the audio coming out of the default audio line.

Siva Brabaakaran

2014-09-16 14:57:06

Re: New Problems

We have upgraded the computer to Windows 8 and installed Raduga.

Could you please specifically state how to active Line-in on the primary sound card. Currently it shows CD Volume and Master Volume.

Do I select CD volume or Master Volume?
How do I enable Line-in?

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