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Care and Feeding of the Computer

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jack Thomas WCTP Radio

2008-01-12 02:45:42

Care and Feeding of the Computer

Anyone have any idea of how long someone can run a music on hard drive station on computer before it starts having problems?
Does anyone de-frag the hard drive after adding/deleating a lot of (announcement) files?

Chuck Conrad

2008-01-13 00:04:59

Re: Care and Feeding of the Computer

We've been running the same computer using XP for about four years. It does have back up hard drives and a dongle, which would allow a rapid changeover to a different machine when that time eventually comes. I do defrag the hard drive every six months or so, and it does help.

It should be noted that this computer has very little in it other than Raduga. It is not used to surf the web, write email or do anything else. It is treated as an appliance that runs a radio station. The less other distractions it has, the more reliable it will be.

Bob McNally

2008-01-13 19:12:16

Re: Care and Feeding of the Computer

How much memory are you running in your machine Chuck? I have 512mb which runs fine for a while but starts to stutter a bit after a while...

Chuck Conrad

2008-01-18 02:13:48

Re: Care and Feeding of the Computer

It's been running with 512 mb of memory. Not long ago, I added a second hard drive to back up all files (in case of a catastrophic HD failure.) While it is great to have an on board back-up, I've found that when I try to play those files using Raduga, they tend to stutter and break up. I'm not sure why. Raduga plays fine from the primary hard drive. Even stranger is I can access that back up hard drive from another computer on the network, and the files play fine. It is a bit of a mystery that I haven’t had time to sort out.

By the way, I also have everything backed up to a portable USB drive. I suggest that everyone do this to protect your investment in music, and the time it takes to load it into a computer.

chris burnat

2008-01-20 12:27:26

Re: Care and Feeding of the Computer

Defrag should not be an issue of you partition your drive. Use around 10GB for the booth partition, and create another partition called "Data" or whatever to store your audio files. In this way, the operating system is kept reasonably clean, and do not require defrag if you avoid large Internet activities. The data is in its own partition, any fragmentation taking place there does not affect the O/S or Raduga. You can defrag the data partition from time to time, not a drama. And backup the data drive to USB storage or whatever at reasonable intervals.
Check: http://raduga.com.au/technical/ for more info, its a little old but still valid. And enjoy a great product.

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