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Mixer Conflict with Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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William C. Walker

2008-01-19 05:06:36

Mixer Conflict with Raduga

I've reloaded Raduga into a Notebook with XP Pro. It won't work properly in Vista even with the driver updates for the Dongle.

Everything is functioning smoothly except for one thing. I have to use the Microphone for my Live Feed or Line In. The unit does not have a Line In. I've tested the Mic and it functions properly. But when I set a Timed Event such as Live.300 to play I get the following error message:

"Mixer Exception: 1025"

I've messed around with various settings in Raduga and the system audio but I have not achieved the desired result. What do I need to do to get Raduga to play a Live feed from the Mic line?

Bill Spry

2008-01-24 02:12:24

Re: Mixer Conflict with Raduga

Most Laptops DO NOT have a line in. You don't want to use the Mic in for a line level as it will be amplified too HOT.

Instead purchase a USB external soundcard which does have a line-in feature.

William C. Walker

2008-01-24 18:01:32

Re: Mixer Conflict with Raduga

I've got a way around the high volume problem. I am using a tiny FM transmitter from the audio source and broadcasting the audio to an FM radio which in turn has the audio turned down to a reasonable level for the mic input.

Am I getting the error message because Raduga will not play a mic input?

If I purchase an external USB sound card can I be certain Raduga will recognize the Line in input?

William C. Walker

2008-01-24 18:09:17

Re: Mixer Conflict with Raduga

I should also add that the Dongle was not recognizing the OS even though the latest drivers had been downloaded.

Bill Spry

2008-01-27 19:26:57

Re: Mixer Conflict with Raduga

Raduga should be able to play a mic input. It may be a compatibility issue.

I am running a Creative USB soundcard and Raduga can control it with no issues.

On the dongle.....

Most people do not install it properly. Do not even plug in into the system until the new Dongle drivers have been installed. If you plug the dongle into the PC before you even get started installing Raduga and/or the dongle drivers, the system will NEVER see the dongle.

To fix the problem, uninstall Raduga and the dongle drivers and most importantly unplug the dongle.

Now leave the dongle unplugged.

Reinstall Raduga and then reinstall the dongle drivers. Now you can plug in the dongle but plug it into a DIFFERENT USB port than where you had it previously. Once plugged in allow Windows to detect it and then run thru the wizard to install the software for the dongle.

-Bill Spry

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