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multiple audio cards

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Martyn Wood

2008-03-02 18:26:35

multiple audio cards

I need to be able to run 5 different audio streams.
I know I can open 5 instances of Raduga (3.8.7) each with its own playlist.
I think I can also have 5 instances of Windows media encoder running concurrently, not really sure yet because...I have not managed to install 5 soundcards in the 5 PCI slots successfully. I guess I need to assign an IRQ for each card....how?
Another problem being the selection of each soundcard for each instance of Raduga/WME.
I am running Win2K sp4 on a pretty powerfull PC.
Anyone have any ideas or solutions?
Waiting with baited breath..........

Bill Spry

2008-03-02 23:27:21

Re: multiple audio cards

Yes you can install 5 different PCI soundcards. Windows XP should automatically detect and configure them including assigning IRQ's.

Then to set them up in Raduga just go to Options>DirectX Plugins>Output Device to choose the desired card.

Martyn Wood

2008-03-03 10:48:16

Re: multiple audio cards

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your reply, I am running Windows 2K so I will check to see if the same config will apply.
Do you or any other members have any advice/tips for the WME config?

Martyn Wood

2008-03-04 13:29:43

Re: multiple audio cards

Replying to my own post....always a first time for everything!!

I have found the solution, thanks to Carlos Boni (IT Guru). He suggested a Virtual cable redirect and it works 100% perfectly. I found and downloaded Virtual Audio Cable - http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.html - set up is pretty straightforward but easy to adjust. Best of all it costs only 21€.

I have been "streaming" 5 distinct test feeds since installing yesterday as follows;
5 instances of Raduga with 5 different playlists using 5 "Virtual Audio Cables" - input
5 instances of Windows Media Player connecting to 5 "Virtual Audio Cables" - output
I can hear each stream on other PC's on my office network, but not in real time obviously.

I am still playing with it before going "Live" so if I get any major probs I will post here again.

I asked in another post how do I get the Windows Media Encoder plugin? I am assuming as a holder of multiple licenses that I qualify.

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