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Missing starts

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Bob McNally

2008-03-04 23:10:47

Missing starts

I have noticed that Raduga misses the start of scheduled events by around half a second - so, for example, instead of hearing jingles saying "Bridge FM", we get "ridge FM" or "idge FM".

I am using 3.9 as purchased in January this year and on Windows XP.

Any ideas.


Bill Spry

2008-03-05 03:38:40

Re: Missing starts

Possibly your soundcard. Just add 1/4 second of dead air to the beginning of each soundfile and it will work fine. That's what we do.

Bob McNally

2008-03-05 09:10:27

Re: Missing starts

Is there a quick way to do this? We are speaking about alot of files here!

jack thomas wctp

2008-03-07 21:11:33

Re: Missing starts

We have a early version of Raduga and I found that sometimes the last word of one announcements covers the first words of the next. I've found that having 1 second of silence at the begining and two at the end works well. We're a christian station so tightness isn't as important as a gentle flow.

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