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Anthony James Kelly

2008-05-01 08:06:03

Upcoming events

First of all I've love how Radga sounds keeping Jammin97 FM alive in Yuma, Arizona. The only thing I keep having a rare problem with, ex: I program all my music and in my upcoming events category, I program by time all of my Jingles, psa's, radio plays and voicetracks by time. At least a couple of times a days, that I can tell, one play two different dj voicetrack back to back. I have one at 7:10 am and it would run but for the life of my, I can not find we the other comes from...it is not listed either at 7:10 am or pm. It happens at the same times, too. I also change the time by a minute just to throw the system off. I even reset my computer and that corrected the problem once a couple of weeks ago and but I can not correct the problem.
Also I was one two voicetracks that runs at 5:30 pm. Neither one of the voicetracks are scheduled at that time. In matter of fact, nothing is scheduled at that tme.
Can you help me on this problem. The problem began about a month ago.

Thank you Raduga,
Owner/Operator of Jammin97

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