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2008-07-25 11:56:47



I wonder if you can schedule Raduga to automaticaly load, a weekly changed,
"events.ini file" in Raduga.

This is the story : On a weekly basis we create a new "events.ini" list with another Raduga (on a different PC). This new eventslist contains new program material for the next week and is saved on our server.

The point is that we want raduga (live studio) to automaticaly load this new events.ini file on a repeating, weekly base. For example every fridaynight around 1 'o'clock.
Is this possible ? What would be the
"string-line" we need to use to make this work ?

Warm regards,


Bill Spry

2008-07-25 12:39:54

Re: Events.ini

Certainly. It is quite possible. Just create a scheduled event that points to the ini file that you wish to load (just as you would an audio file). Raduga will load it automatically for you at the scheduled time.


2008-07-26 13:17:16

Re: Events.ini


I created a scheduled event to programm the events.ini file as also a scheduled event to launch an *.exe file.

As you said, Raduga loads the new events.ini and started the exe file, but everytime he did this he also stopped the currently playing "On-Air-Track" and that means that we had Radiosilence.

What did I do wrong here ?


edson kinene

2014-04-01 07:11:59

Re: Events.ini

Teach me how to schedule events and make new events

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