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Pre listen...

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2008-08-01 11:31:05

Pre listen...


Is it possible to pre-listen audio tracks in raduga without refering to Juke ?

I mean, can we pre-listen with another audio software ?

I ask this, because I want to use Juke as a Backup audio software for our Watchdog. When I can do this, Juke will always play the same Playlist as Raduga would play in case of emergency when we got DeadAir.

Or..., Is it possible to create two different setups from Juke ? That we have 2 Juke's
with, for both, different options.
Load Juke 1 and you get option 1
Load Juke 2 and you get option 2.
We Should use 2 options because each Juke needs to play on a different Soundcard and remember this...


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