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Inserting a special one hour program.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2008-10-16 23:26:12

Inserting a special one hour program.

Does anyone know an easy way to fool Raduga to skip scheduled events? I want to play a special 58 minute program one time only. Currently, if I put it in the scheduler it will play right on time, but after it is over Raduga will dutifully play every other scheduled event it has missed while the program was running. Sitting through ten or twenty jingles, liners and spots in a row isn’t something I want our listeners to endure.

I know that I can go into my scheduler and delete all the unwanted events during the hour in question, but that is a lot of effort. Human error being what it is, it is unlikely I'd get everything set back for the next week.

What I need it to do is skip all events that are over about 5 or 10 minutes past due. It seems like I remember someone had a cure for this, but I may be wrong. Maybe it was a suggestion for the next release. Or maybe Raduga does this, and I just don’t know about it.

For what it is worth, I'm running version 3.8.1


Bob McNally

2008-10-16 23:34:25

Re: Inserting a special one hour program.

This is also something I would be interested in finding out as I have occasional programmes that I would like to run as 'one-offs'.

The only thing I can think of is to create an Event to run in an Event. I have tried this before and it did work but I sometimes find that it crashes in and out and on occasion doesnt work atall.

I run 3.9 and it has the option 'Skip if event not played in ...(insert your own minutes), however you can only do it for all events. It would be good if you could apply this option to all Events seperatly. Is this an option for a future edition of Raduga?



2008-10-16 23:38:24

Re: Inserting a special one hour program.

Chuck, as Bob pointed out, from 3.9 onward, you can enable "skip if events not played after so many minutes". This should do the trick for you I think, meaning an upgrade. You could probably test this with the 3.9.1 demo on Wolfgang site before committing yourself.

Chuck Conrad

2008-10-17 17:56:27

Re: Inserting a special one hour program.

Well, it does sound like the upgrade is the answer, but it probably isn't worth doing for just an occasional show. I hate to take something that is working incredibly well for me, and "fix it."

I'm sure I'll eventually upgrade when some significant changes are made. Even though I’m a really big fan of Raduga, it is harder to justify small incremental changes.

Thanks for the info.

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