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Stopping and Starting Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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joe burke

2009-02-09 02:20:34

Stopping and Starting Raduga

In the past, whenever we did a live show, we would simply stop Raduga and then restart at the conclusion of the live event.

How can we automatically shut off Raudga and then have it restart on its own an hour or so later.

thanks! We did this in the past a few times but lost the instructions.

your help is appreciated! JOeB

Wolfgang Loch

2009-02-09 23:27:56

Re: Stopping and Starting Raduga

You can schedule a ".stop" event at the time when you want Raduga to stop. Just enter ".stop" instead of a file name in the "File name" box of a scheduled event.

Then create another scheduled event at the time you want Raduga to resume with the playlist. This time enter ".play" as file name. Make sure to check "run immediately" for this event, otherwise it will never run.


2009-04-30 11:28:46

how to schedule advert blocks in raduga

thanks for this site, i would like to know the procedures of scheduling adverts having different time of play in raduga like having each time in a single folder with the advert of that particular time then store them in a main folder called adverts.
i will apreciate your help.

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