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Shufling a Rotation

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2009-03-01 21:49:07

Shufling a Rotation

Some time ago, Wolfgang sent me a script that can shuffle a playlist. It works fine either as an item included in a regular .alb file, or set up as a time scheduled event.

It does not seem to work in a rotation. (.rot) To shuffle a rotation requires human intervention, unless I set up everything to do a global shuffle (everything shuffles).

Is there a way around this? For instance, I have a rotation of 1950's Billboard Hot 100 hits that plays within the regular play list. When Raduga gets to the end of that rotation, I'd like it to shuffle, but I don't want my master playlist to shuffle. I’m running version 3.8.1. Any suggestions?

Wolfgang Loch

2009-03-01 23:52:16

Re: Shufling a Rotation

There is a trick to make a rotation shuffle after the last track has played: open the .rotation file with Notepad and add the line "Shuffle=1" bafter the line [playlist], i.e.


Chuck Conrad

2009-03-02 01:12:14

Re: Shufling a Rotation

Cool. Thanks!

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