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editing music files

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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JackThomas WCTP Radio

2009-03-29 04:18:09

editing music files

We burn the music list to a Raduga file using Audiograbber. Is there a way to either edit the name of the song and/or edit the time of dead space after the music ends?
We're a Christian Music station and tho we don't have to be tight like some stations, it would be nice to have it consistant to make the music flow better.
Jack Thomas WCTP


2009-04-05 14:53:04

Re: editing music files

I don't realy understand what you mean, but if you want to create your music libraries you can use mp3 renamers, that let's you create folders into folders, example: Artist, Album, Song... or whatever you want to do. I'm using MP3 Sorter to create my music library, it's a realy good program... And if you want to know when song ends i think you could try to use Raduga Batch Overlap Processor, it add the overlap point there song ends. Realy good program thanks for that.

Best Wishes

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