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Can't select a live stream source

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2009-03-31 09:08:21

Can't select a live stream source


I've re-posted this question as it was buried in another thread.

I have been trying to get Raduga to connect to a remote live stream, but have failed so far.

I can get Raduga to play a prerecorded MP3 file from a remote web site by specifying the full URL, but I cannot get it to play live streams.

I have three sources of streams, and the problem is as follows:

1. Streaming software, using streams from two different streaming server programs: Broadwave (from NCH Software) or from No23live (from No23.de).

In both cases, I specify the URL in the format
http :// ip address:port / filename.mp3

Raduga will play the stream, but an error window pops up, with an OK button. This error cannot be cleared, and no other user interaction with Raduga is possible. Playing stops if the stream is terminated (by stopping the remote streaming server program), but the only way to resume interaction with Raduga is to kill it and restart Raduga.

2. From a physical streaming device: I have a Barix Instreamer (barix.com). In this case, the URL is
http :// ip address:port / streamname - with no file extension (e.g. .mp3) on the end.

In this case, Raduga won't even start to play it.

I can play all three sources happliy using Windows Media Player, and the broadwave and Instreamer streams play using Winamp, so I'm assuming this is a problem with Raduga?

I also saw KenW's suggestion to play the live stream with WMP (etc) and select the mixer channel in Raduga, but I cannot use this option as I use this for a live satellite feed connected to the PC's line-in, to opt in to an hourly news feed, and I need to go straight to the live stream immediately after the news.



2009-03-31 12:57:39

Re: Can't select a live stream source

Hi KenA, I think we have the same issue. This is a post I found From Wolfgang on page 22.

Re: play back of streaming audio (1) Wolfgang Loch

"Raduga can only play media files (WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG), but not streamed media. If the files are stored on a remote server, you should download them before playing.
Raduga can also access files via UNC path names, for example \\Servername\Share\Music\Sound.mp3. If the files must be stored on the server you could share the directory on the server. If the server is Unix-based, you can use Samba for file sharing."

So, it would seem that Raduga, Can Not, Does Not, play LIVE STREAMING audio from Raduga itself.
Only if accessed from another source.


2009-03-31 15:13:52

Re: Can't select a live stream source

Hello Mick,

That seems to be the answer, but not the one I was hoping for, unfortunately.

I also use another (free) program (begins with Za...) for another station, and it can use a live stream quite happily, so it looks like Raduga is not suitable for what I want.

Unless there's another solution?

Bill Spry

2009-04-06 00:42:06

Re: Can't select a live stream source

Wolfgang IS working on this and will implement this feature SOON!

Bill Spry

2009-04-06 00:42:25

Re: Can't select a live stream source

Wolfgang IS working on this and will implement this feature SOON!


2009-04-06 10:34:44

Re: Can't select a live stream source

This is good news, thanks.

If I can offer a suggestion as to how it might work, I would suggest that the live stream could be initiated from an event, and would continue for a set time, until interrupted by the next event or until the stream times out - whichever one of these happens first.

We would also want to switch to a live stream on an ad-hoc basis to relay an outside broadcast, for example. In this case, I would suggest allowing the live stream URL to be assigned to a jingle button, so that we can start the stream manually at a low volume, and gradually fade it in and fade out the currently-playing item. We would then fade up the "jingle" and allow the stream to play at normal volume.

We would normally expect to do this remotely (we would RDP in to the PC running Raduga) so that we have remote manual control over the starting and stopping of the live stream.

Thanks again


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